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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a device that has been bought, returned and then restored to be sold again. The condition of pre-owned iPhones vary when returned; some models could be damaged or faulty, while others may be brand new in the box. But, whether they’re 2002 Britney or 2007 Britney when we get them, all our refurbished iPhones are repaired by experts so they’re like new.

Why should I buy a secondhand iPhone?

Superhero complexes are complicated, and we’re not saying we’re relying on you to facilitate our desire to save the world. But we believe that little things like rehoming a like-new iPhone makes a big difference to the environment. As a bonus, you’ll get some of Apple’s most popular models at a significantly lower price, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on snacks.

Which iPhone should I buy?

Honestly, we love all our iPhones equally, but we know there are some key features you might be looking for in your next model. That’s why our product listings outline the top specs of every iPhone so you can easily find your perfect match - whether you’re looking for futuristic aesthetics, multimedia messaging or exhaustive camera capabilities.

Where can I buy a refurbished iPhone?

Sustainable shopping is a key focus for many retailers right now, so you’re spoiled for choice as to where to buy a secondhand iPhone. Apple has a bespoke Refurbished Store, there are plenty of high street shops selling used devices, or you could go for your friendly neighbourhood online refurbished phone retailer, Mobile Jungle. Catchy, right? Either way, we’re just happy that you’re helping the environment.

How do I unlock a secondhand iPhone?

When an iPhone is locked it will only work with the provider who sold it. You’ll have to sell your voice to a curvaceous sea witch or take a bite of a suspiciously tainted fruit to unlock it, and hope you meet a handsome stranger who can hook you up with data.

Just kidding - you just have to contact your network and ask them to unlock it.

How do I wipe a refurbished iPhone?

Before returning or passing your iPhone on for resale, you’ll have to make like a super-spy and remove all your personal messages, pictures and apps so you can’t be traced. Different types of phones require different steps to wipe, with iPhone instructions easily found on the Apple site, but you should make sure that you backup your files and remove the sim card before starting.

What should I do with my old iPhone?

With the rate at which Apple releases new models, it may not surprise you to learn that the average person has 86 spare iPhones in their possession at any one time. Not really, but if you do find yourself with a spare iPhone and fancy making the world a better place, you may want to consider passing it on for refurbishment wherever possible.

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