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Apple Watch Series 1 - 42mm


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The Apple Watch Series 1 has many faces, with its 42mm iteration one of the most appealing smartwatches ever. With a stunning OLED display and long-lasting battery, isn't it about time you treated yourself to a new watch?

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Apple Watch Series 1 42mm Review

AT first glance it can be hard to differentiate between the 38mm and 42mm iterations of the Apple Watch Series 1, but these two devices are siblings rather than identical twins. While they share many of the same features, the 42mm device is slightly larger, heavier and fitted with a more capacious power pack. It's arguably the big brother to the already-impressive 38mm. Not only does it boast a slightly more prominent display and one that feels a little heavier (but arguably more powerful) on the wrist, but it can also be purchased in GPS (Wi-Fi Only) and GPS+Cellular modes for added personalisation. All in all, a refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 42mm is perfect for those who mean business.

Enjoy the outstanding display on a larger screen

Prior to the launch of the Apple Watch Series 1, most smartwatches boasted LCD screens that produced slightly pixelated images. While this provided a major stumbling block for users, Apple negated it seamlessly by introducing a brighter and considerably sharper OLED display.

This is the same technology deployed in the 38mm watch, but there's no doubt that this revels in having slightly more space in which to operate on the 42mm's 1.65-inch screen.This, when combined with enhanced resolution of 390x312 pixels, creates an even better viewing experience whether you're browsing your emails or trying to browse the web.

Enjoy the Many Faces of the Apple Watch Series 1 42mm

Rather like the Faceless Men in Game of Thrones, there are numerous visages to the 42mm Apple Watch Series 1. More specifically, you can buy this model in three distinct designs, including the entry level Apple Watch Sport, a stainless steel version and the premium gold edition.

It's the most affordable Sport iteration that arguably offers the best value in terms of form and function, with its combination of Ion-X glass and an anodised aluminium case contributing to a watch that's 30% lighter than the 50g stainless steel version.

However, if you're like us and have a penchant for style over functionality, then the heavier stainless steel version will most likely catch your eye.

A 250 mAh Power Pack That's More Than Fit for Purpose

Both the 38mm and the 42mm versions of the Apple Watch Series 1 offer impressive battery performance, although it's fair to surmise that the latter has a slightly larger and more capacious power pack. While this contributes to a slightly heavier device, it provides between 18 and 24 hours use from a single charge on average and can last even longer when you don't use the watch to make a slew of phone calls to friends, family members and loved ones.

Built in Apps and Timers for Greater Functionality

One of the biggest benefits of the Apple Watch Series 1 is the range of in-built apps and tools that it comes with, with the former supplied by both iOS platforms and external developers.At the same time, you can leverage both the voice-activated Siri and a host of accessible timers for everyday tasks such as cooking and completing the laundry, which is ideal as it doesn't require you to whip out your smartphone every couple of minutes.

Apple's Passbook app is also featured on the watch, and this provides an even more convenient way of storing various loyalty cards, coupons and that all important flight data when at airports.

Keep on Running with the Apple Watch Series 1

While the fitness features on this device are only rudimentary, the main fitness tracker and associated workout app is ideal for runners who want to track their progress.This is probably why Apple teamed up with Christy Turlington-Burns to promote the device, with the athlete sharing how she trained for the London Marathon using the Watch Series 1.

To this end, the 42mm watch enables you to set metrics such as the number of calories that you want to burn and precisely how far you'd like to run, while it provides real-time alerts and notifications as you achieve your goals.Choosing between the 38mm and 42mm iterations of the Apple Watch Series 1 may seem like a largely irrelevant choice, particularly as both of these models share an eerily similar specification. However, a refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 42mm is the perfect choice for those seeking both style and substance.

5 real-life highlights

  1. In addition to the Apple Watch Series 1 42mm's inbuilt fitness tracker, the device can also connect to third-party heart-rate monitors
  2. This device is also fitted with a convenient 'digital crown' that when double-tapped this will seamlessly switch between apps
  3. You can receive phone, text and email notifications through your smartwatch
  4. The 72-hour 'Power Reserve' mode, which kicks in when the battery reaches 0% and prevents the device from shutting off completely
  5. The Apple Watch Series 1 42mm iteration boasts quick and efficient charging
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