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Not all sequels are well-received, but this definitely can't be said about the Apple Watch Series 2. After all, this represents a definitive upgrade on Series 1, particularly in terms of battery life and its water-resistance.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 38.6 x 33.3 x 11.4 mm
  • Resolution: A 1.5-inch, OLED display with an impressive resolution of 340x272
  • Operating system: Powered by Apple's S2 chipset
  • Storage: Up to 512MB of RAM
  • Battery: A Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 273mAh
  • Colours: Silver, Rose Gold, Space Grey, Space Black, Fauve, Feu, Etoupe

Full Description +

Apple Watch Series 2 38mm Review

Bad sequels seems to be a common theme in popular culture, however, the rule tends not to apply in the world of technology. It certainly cannot be said about the Apple Watch Series 2, with the 38mm model offering far greater functionality than the device that preceded it. With extended battery life, enhanced GPS capability and superior water resistance, a refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 is definitely a smartwatch that would transform even the most mundane wrist into something incredibly functional.

Customise your design with a range of options

Unless you're a traditionalist who prefers the classic, spherical watchface, the design of the Apple Watch Series 2 is sure to catch your eye. Although this may be 1mm thicker than the previous model (thanks largely to the increased battery size), this is scarcely noticeable and certainly doesn't detract from the sleek nature of the device. When combined with Apple's trademark curved edge and formed, Sapphire crystal glass, there's no doubt that this cutting-edge timepiece is as handsome as it is functional. As if all of this wasn't enough, you can also buy the 38mm watch in aluminium, stainless steel and ceramic models, enabling you to create the perfect look to adorn your risk.

Water resistance for piece of mind

The term 'water-resistant' is widely used in the timepiece market, although this rarely means that you go for a swim while wearing your watch. However, the same cannot be said for the Apple Watch Series 2 device, which boasts a robust and truly water-resistant chassis to allow for a quick dip in your nearest pool. Not only this, but this second generation watch has also been augmented with a so-called 'wet mode', which locks the display and disables touch functionality when activated. This means that the screen won't be able to sense water as an input and perform an array of unpredictable tasks while you're in the pool, such as responding to your bosses email or ordering an Uber!

Enjoy a bigger and improved display

When it comes to the display, it's fair to say that Apple hasn't changed a huge amount in terms of either its design or functionality. The same, 1.5-inch display featured on the 38mm Series 1 watch is in play here, for example, although the 340x272 OLED display provides a slightly superior visual experience when compared with the first generation device. Not only this, but the Apple Watch Series 2 has pumped up the brightness, creating optimal colour contrasts and enabling you to watch even the darkest film with ease.

A more powerful processor

One of the big upgrades with this device has come in the form of Apple's new S2 chipset, which is a dual-core processor that provides additional power and enables users to navigate menus with greater fluency. There's barely a single beat between pressing the dock button and accessing your main menu, for example, while you'll also be able to flick between multiple apps in a way that makes multitasking easier than ever before. Along with a more capacious battery and improved graphical capacity, this is a huge boon that's hard for users to ignore!

An all-day battery for those on the go

In truth, Apple understated the battery performance associated with the Series 1 device, but it adopted a slightly different approach when marketing the second-generation model. To this end, the Apple Watch Series 2 delivers on the promise of 'all-day' battery life, thanks to the inclusion of a larger, 273 mAh power pack and an improved GPS chip that now runs far more efficiently. To put this into context, testing proved that taking a brief, 45-minute run while streaming music through Bluetooth drained the watches battery by just 16%, while more moderate use will help you to retain power at an ever better rate.

While Apple may have only introduced incremental changes with the Apple Watch Series 2 38mm model, they've certainly delivered incremental upgrades that improve on the form and function of the first-generation device.Were particularly impressed with the device's improved levels of water-resistance, while it's superb display and much-improved GPS chip provides the type of functionality and smartwatch users now crave.We'd definitely recommend buying one of our refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 models, so you can enjoy everything that this device has to offer for less!

5 real-life highlights

  1. The upgraded GPS chips is a huge boon for the Apple Watch Series 2
  2. Fitness enthusiasts will love the improved heart monitor on this device, which uses a collection of four LEDs to provide genuinely accurate readings
  3. The OLED element of the watches display turns off the black backgrounds when they're not in use
  4. The faster, dual-core processor definitely makes for quicker performance, enabling you to multitask seamlessly
  5. With Apple's impressive Taptic feedback engine, notifications are sent with a gentle vibration so you never miss a thing

Apple Watch Series 2 - Stainless Steel 38mm

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