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Apple Watch Series 4 - Stainless Steel 40mm


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Smartwatches are going from strength to strength, with the Apple Watch Series 4 proving a massive upgrade on previous models and utilising many of the market-changing features tech enthusiasts know and love.

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Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Review

If you've had your eye on the Apple Watch 4 but fancied a larger display that doesn't impact the lightweight design, a refurbished Apple Watch 4 40mm is the smartwatch for you. Since its release in 2018, the 4 has remained one of the more desirable devices on the market thanks to its upgraded design and improved display, along with the responsive ECG sensor and louder speaker. If you've been looking for a timepiece that's so much more than a watch, look no further than the Apple Watch Series 4.

A sharp screen with improved resolution

There were various features which were new on the Series 4 when it was released, but they won't be received quite the same way today as they're now available on all watches except from the original. One of the most notable differences compared to previous Apple Watches was the screen, which is 30% bigger than its predecessor, and utilises a larger and more rounded design. This makes it easier to monitor key statistics like heart rate and steps, while avoiding overpowering slender wrists.

Fitness-focused features

The Apple Watch and competitor smartwatch series have been more fitness-oriented as time goes on, with the Series 4 proving a trailblazer in the way health is monitored. The 4 has alerts that are designed to keep users active, while the new ECG monitor works to accurately track exercise. There's automatic exercise detection that can keep up with you no matter what you get up to, which flawlessly links to the health app on your smartphone for convenient documenting of personal bests and progress.

Improved battery life

Apple quotes an 18-hour all-day battery life for the Series 4, but real-world tests imply the real figure is much better. Streaming music for hours will obviously deplete the battery far quicker. And if the battery does run down, there's a magnetic charging cable that boosts the watch quickly and easily without taking up too much room, meaning you'll be able to keep track of your precious steps and calories burnt all day long.

Podcasts and music to pass the time

If you're looking to keep better track of your fitness, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a pedometer or simple step tracker would do the job. However, the main pull for the Series 4 is its ability to play music or podcasts, with the new W3 wireless chip can connect to your phone or a pair of headphones to send data over quickly - saving the battery and enabling you to listen to your favourite songs while working out.

Personalisation and performance

One of the most attractive features of Apple Watches for many is the ability to personalise the design in the way of selecting a coloured strap or opting for one of the many finishes. The Series 4 is no exception to this rule, as it's available in Space Black, Silver and Gold. Users can also choose from one of many watch face images, and customise which metrics appear on the homescreen - whether it's calories burnt, steps or heart rate.

Whether you're tempted by the larger 40mm model or feel you'd rather opt for the slightly smaller variant, a second hand Apple Watch Series 4 will change the way you see watches. It's so much more than just a timepiece - it's your personal assistant, your fitness tracker and a mini phone that's easier to keep tabs on.

5 real-life highlights

  1. ECG feature and easy pairing to the iPhone health app makes it easier than ever to keep track of fitness
  2. Podcast and music streaming with improved audio to pass the time
  3. Receive text and call notifications to the watch so you never miss a message
  4. A battery life that's even better than Apple claims it is
  5. A wide range of finishes and coloured straps for added personalisation
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