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Taking it back to basics, our refurbished iPad 1st Generation is a game changer for those who want something more substantial than an iPhone, but with the same Apple tech.

First released back in 2010, the iPad was a revelation when it came out. Its specs aren't as high as modern iterations of the device, but that doesn't mean you can't browse the web, run basic apps and watch videos with ease. A refurbished iPad is also a great idea for keeping little ones entertained while commuting.

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Apple iPad 1 Overview

It's the device that started it all. Designed to help people work and play harder, the iPad 1 was a hit around the world. And we still think that it's a great option today, which is why we 're excited to bring you some great second hand iPad 1 deals. The question is, what is the iPad 1 good for, and what can it run?

Trend-setting design

It's a little chunkier than the latest devices, and the screen bezels are wider, but the iPad 1 has aged really well. It still feels like a really nice piece of design. With smooth, rounded edges, it feels premium to the touch, and you really don't feel like you 're holding something that came out nearly a decade ago. Put a screen protector on, grab a case, and it 'll look very similar to just about any other iPad!

Do all the basics

The original iPad comes with everything you need to browse the web smoothly, which makes this a great choice for surfing and shopping from the comfort of your own sofa. Flick between tabs, send emails, and do pretty much anything you would on your phone. With that in mind, there is of course the App Store for you to enjoy, which features hundreds of thousands of apps that you can download, from productivity aides to games.

And the abilities of the iPad 1 don't end there either. Listening to music is a breeze using iTunes, and the older version of Netflix is available if you want to watch on the go. You can also use the browser version of YouTube to watch pretty much whatever you want. The display has a solid pixel density of 132ppi, thanks to a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, which is just above the standard for High Definition. Whatever you 're looking at, it 'll look good.

Doubles up as an e-reader

We reckon that one of the iPad 1's best uses is as a high quality e-reader. E-books require very little processing power, which means that this budget option has no problem storing and displaying loads.

The perfect low cost option

The iPad 1 is undoubtedly a budget choice, which makes it a particularly good option if you 're wanting something for the kids. They 're not going to mind the fact that it's not as snappy as the latest device, or that the resolution isn't as sharp - simplicity is key. The iPad 1 even makes a great cooking aide; use it on the worktop for recipes and ingredients lists without worrying too much about splashes.


At the super budget end, a second hand iPad 1 is a no-frills option for those that need the bare essentials. You can browse, watch, listen to music and even read. Take a look at our iPad 1 refurbs today.

5 Real Life Highlights

  1. Enjoy the basics for a super low price
  2. Shop and browse the web at your leisure
  3. Pay and use simple games and apps
  4. Watch videos and movies in great quality
  5. Make notes and lists to organise your life
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