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Labelled ‘Pro’ in recognition of its superior styling, battery power and capabilities, a refurbished Apple iPad Pro 12.9 will change your tablet game.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 280.6 x 214.9 x 5.9 mm
  • Resolution: A 12.9-inch, LCD Display with a resolution of 2048x2732 pixels
  • Operating system: Powered by Apple's A9X chipset
  • Storage: Up to 4 GB of RAM
  • Camera: An 8MP camera with image definition of 1080p
  • Battery: A Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 10,307mAh
  • Colours: Silver, Space Grey

Full Description +

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Review

In many ways, the launch of the iPad Pro 12.9 represented a seismic moment for Apple, and one that definitely saw the world's most iconic tablet range into an entirely new realm. Like the iPad Mini series, it also introduced a new and exciting dimension of tablet functionality, providing immense power, an expansive display and the type of laptop capabilities that modern users crave. If you want to see what a performance-oriented, personable tablet can do for you, take a look at our Apple iPad Pro 12.9 deals.

It should come as no surprise that Apple launched its iPad Pro range, particularly when you consider the versatility of tablets and how they're used. While some people use tablets as occasional devices for Internet browsing, for example, others consider it as a portable laptop for work and content creation. Most tablets are inadequate for the latter purpose, however, and in this respect the iPad Pro 12.9 has managed to carve itself a unique niche as a professional-grade media hub with excellent word processor capabilities.

A familiar Apple design - just bigger

While the iPad Pro 12.9 broadly follows the same design trends that are synonymous with all Apple devices, the brand has had to make some changes to factor in the tablet's capacious, 12.9-inch LCD display. So, while the device features the familiar ceramic metal back, curved edges and now iconic Touch ID home button, you'll also notice how Apple have narrowed the bezels to enhance the aesthetics and proportionality of the tablet. Apple has also integrated four speakers in the corners of the device, boosting the quality of the audio produced while negating the need to create a heftier or larger design.

An LCD display that packs a punch

Arguably, the large, LCD display on the iPad Pro is the tablet's main selling point, with the 12.9-inch real estate home to a resolution of 2048x2732 pixels and a truly immersive viewing experience (regardless of what you use the device for). While Apple has refrained from referencing the popular term 'Retina Display' when marketing this device, the screen boasts the same 264 pixels-per-inch (PPI) density that's synonymous with such technology. Not only is this the same PPI as featured on the excellent iPhone 6S Plus, but it also provides tremendous brightness and colour contrasts that showcase games and films with genuine quality.

The Apple Pencil for stylish swiping

Apple has also rolled-out some interesting features with the iPad Pro 12.9, the majority of which offer tremendous functionality to users. The first (and most striking) of these is the Apple Pencil, which is essentially a smooth and typically minimalist stylus packed with a rubberised tip located at the end. The interesting thing about this is that it's absolutely loaded with sensors, enabling you to scribe quick notes and sketch with force while on the move! As a result, you can access different applications simply by adjusting the angle and the pressure exerted, instantly elevating the Apple Pencil ahead of any basic stylus.

Smart Keyboard puts the Pro into the iPad Pro

As we've already said, the iPad Pro is a tool designed for creatives, or indeed anyone who wants to invest in a portable laptop for carrying out word processing tasks. This is why the tablet is fitted with a Smart Keyboard, which serves as both a dedicated text-entry mechanism and a de facto cover for the device. Make no mistake; this is a delightful feature, and one that provides both functionality and protection in equal measure! As if this wasn't enough; the keys are also covered in a fabric material that's easy to wipe clean, making it easier than ever to maintain the device!

Camera app perfect for capturing and editing

This tablet is integrated with an 8MP camera, which is capable of providing some excellent portraits snaps even in less than ideal lighting. However, the rear camera is probably more effective when used to capture and edit video footage, with a slo-mo mode of 120fps at 720p footage adding a unique and fun dimension to proceedings. In normal video mode, you can shoot in 1080p at 30fps, and while there's no 4K option available to users, this is more than adequate for everyday usage.

You can now buy from a huge range of iPads in the modern age, including mini tablets and pro devices like the 12.9 model. Your choice of device is deeply personal, of course, but there's no doubt that creative, professional and frequent users should consider investing in a second hand iPad Pro.

5 real-life highlights

  1. The 8MP rear camera on the iPad Pro 12.9 features an impressive timelapse feature
  2. The four inbuilt speakers at each corner produce genuinely immersive sound
  3. Apple has remained true to its classic 4:3 screen ratio with the iPad Pro - great for browsing the web and providing a more expansive viewing experience
  4. The Apple Pencil is great for scribbling quick notes in meetings
  5. The Smart Keyboard included with the iPad Pro 12.9 is compact and beautifully balanced

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Wifi Only

  • 32GB
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  • Grade A
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