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Liked the look and feel of the iPad Mini 2 but fancied an upgrade? Perhaps you've always had your eye on the iPad Mini 3 but not been able to justify the price? A refurbished iPad Mini 3 is the best of both worlds.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm
  • Resolution: A 7.9-inch, LCD Retina Display with a resolution of 1536x2048 pixels
  • Operating system: Powered by Apple's A7 chipset
  • Storage: Up to 1 GB of RAM
  • Camera: An 5MP camera with image definition of 1080p
  • Battery: A Li-Po battery with a capacity of 6,470mAh
  • Colours: Silver, Gold and Space Grey

Full Description +

Apple iPad Mini 3 Review

There's an obsession with innovation in the modern age, with the relentless pace of technological advancement being driven by corporations across the globe. To this end, modern tablet devices have evolved dramatically over the course of the last decade, triggering huge expectations amongst users with every new release. With this in mind, the iPad Mini 3 may have come as something of a disappointment following its launch in October 2014, as it shares a great deal in common with the second generation tablet that preceded it.

When we say that there are similarities between the iPad 3 Mini and its predecessor, it's important to note that these two devices boast pretty much identical specifications. This is definitely true in the case of the tablet's main components, with the display, camera and battery unit included in the Mini 3 exactly the same as those featured as part of the second generation device.

Touch ID for the tablet generation

The main point of difference with the iPad Mini 3 is that it features Apple's ground-breaking Touch ID, which is powered by the single most impressive biometric sensor on the tablet market (at the time of release, at least). The result of this was seminal, as it negated the need for wild swiping up and down when trying to unlock the screen and access your content. Instead, simply pressing down the home button with your chosen finger for a few seconds will unlock the screen quickly and securely, saving you time and considerable effort in the process. Even in the rare instances where this technology malfunctions, you can still enter the traditional passcode to access your apps, contacts and emails.

Integration of Apple Pay

While Touch ID may offer a secure way of unlocking your screen, this is not the primary reason why Apple have developed this technology. In fact, Touch ID has been included to allow the seamless use of Apple Pay, which is now available to customers across the globe. With this mobile payment software, you can connect the iPad Mini 3 to your bank card and pay for items (up to the value of '30) while on the move.

A familiar design that's pocket-friendly

It's hard to expand too much on the core design of the iPad Mini 3, not least because it boasts precisely the same dimensions as its predecessor. Even the weight is the same, while the tablet also retains the delightful curved edges and smooth aluminium chassis that bridges the gap between budget and premium technology. In this respect, Apple has adhered to the design principles that have served them well down the years, and there was no viable reason for this to change. On a slight downer, however, the device somehow manages to feel clunkier and less balanced than both the iPad Mini 2 and the first generation tablet, but it at least fits snugly into any averaged sized pocket.

Power your activity with a 6,470mAh battery

You're about to experience that sense of D'j' vu again, with the 6,470mAh power pack included in the Mini 3 identical to the battery featured in its predecessor. The performance is exactly the same too, with the power pack capable of sustaining an average of 10 hours moderate use on a single charge. This drops considerably when gaming, of course, as this pastime takes a sledgehammer to your power source and can diminish this in almost half the time. In general testing, a looped Full HD video of 90-minutes will drain your battery by around 18%, which is both quite impressive and (you've guessed it) almost identical to the iPad Mini 2.

A camera that changes the game

Apple has taken the same, 5MP rear camera in the iPad Mini 2 and retained this as part of their third generation device. Once again, this app is spectacular, and certainly capable of producing marked colour contrasts and impressive sharpness even in low-light snaps. HDR mode is also available here, enabling you to improve the quality of your portrait shots and deliver more professional photography. Of course, you still wouldn't use an iPad Mini to capture a professional photoshoot, but it's more than capable of snapping everyday shots.

If you were a fan of the iPad Mini 2, you cannot help but find value in its successor, primarily because it boasts almost the exact same design, spec and functionality. The burden of expectation can weigh heavy, however, and with this in mind you may have expected a little more from the iPad Mini 3 in terms of innovation and excitement. Fortunately, time is a great healer, while the fact that you can now buy one of our refurbished Mini 3 handsets for less may also encourage you to see the tablet in a whole new light.

5 real-life highlights

  1. When using the 5MP rear camera, you can set the exposure with a simple, vertical slide of the finger
  2. The iPad Mini 3 is also available in Apple's coveted Gold colour
  3. This tablet also features some incremental improvements to the interface
  4. You can adjust the brightness setting on the Mini 3 to minimise battery consumption, boosting performance by as much as 50%
  5. Through the tablet's control centre, you can automatically adjust the brightness, volume and Wi-Fi connection

Apple iPad Mini 3 Wifi & Cellular

  • 16GB
  • Space Grey
  • Grade A
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Unlocked
  • 14 Day Money Back
Space Grey
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