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Compact, slim and lightweight, our refurbished iPad Mini 4's are great for the commute - whether you want to catch up on the latest shows or send important emails.

The perfect size for portability and light use, the iPad Mini 4 is ideal for on-the-go browsing, watching and working. Weighing in at just 299kg, it's a breeze to use, and won't weigh down your backpack or handbag. It also boasts a simply stunning display, along with snappy hardware, and the high quality craftsmanship you 'd expect from Apple.

What we 're trying to tell you is a refurbished iPad Mini 4 is a great choice if you 're looking for an affordable tablet that you can use on the go.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 203.2 x 134.8 x 6.1 mm (8.0 x 5.31 x 0.24 in)
  • Resolution: 1536 x 2048 pixels, with 4:3 ratio at 324 ppi density
  • Operating system: iOS 9, but upgradable to iPadOS 13.1.2
  • Storage: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage
  • Camera: 8MP camera to the rear, plus 1.2MP selfie camera
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 5124 mAh battery (19.1 Wh)
  • Colours: Space Gray, Silver, or Gold

Full Description +

Apple iPad Mini 4 Overview

First released in 2015, the Apple iPad Mini 4 is still one of the best little tablets that money can buy, and a second hand one is simply a steal. It's got a stunning screen, the perfect proportions, and comes with all of the Apple essentials that you know and love (like lovelove), including the intuitive iOS, quality construction, and of course the amazing App Store.

Compact dimensions for optimum portability

Let's start with the size. This is a mini tablet, which means that it's only a little larger than some of Apple's largest smartphones. However, it's much more square than a smartphone, with the 7.9" screen giving you plenty of space and an aspect ratio that's perfect for streaming. A hair over 6mm in thickness means that this is a truly lightweight and portable option.

Weighing less than 300 grams means that the iPad Mini 4 is no strain to hold, which means that it's easily usable while you 're on the move - just like a smartphone. While some tablets are cumbersome and the camera is nearly pointless, the iPad Mini 4 is easy to steady, and you can take great snaps using the 8MP rear-facing camera.

Slick, dynamic design

One of the reasons people choose Apple over the competition is the design. Not only is the iPad Mini 4 aesthetically pleasing, but it feels great in the hand too. The satin finish on the back for example feels like ceramic, and lets you know you 've spent the cash on a quality device.

Super sharp screen and captivating colours

Lots of reviewers reckon that the screen is the best thing about the iPad Mini 4. We 've already mentioned the size, which is big enough for pretty much anything, but it's the quality that's going to leave you stunned. With a 326ppi density everything looks super sharp, from tiny text to HD films. But the quality doesn't stop there -. Apple have made sure that the colours on the display are vibrant and deep, and that the screen isn't too reflective.

There's an app for that

The iPad Mini 4 comes with iOS 9 out of the box, but this can be upgraded to iOS 13. If you 've ever used an Apple device before, then you 'll be very much familiar with how it all works. Super clean interface, intuitive controls, and of course a massive app store that means there's something for you - whether you 're a gamer, need to edit photos, or you message your workmates multiple times a day.

Solid battery life

While tablets generally don't last quite as long as phones, thanks to their hefty screens, the iPad Mini 4 is impressive. This device will last around ten hours with constant use, and it won't deplete on standby as fast as a phone might. This is great if you 're just going to be using your iPad for a couple of hours every day on the train, or for doing work in the office throughout the day.

Super compact, super lightweight, and packed with everything you need, an iPad Mini 4 refurb is the tablet of choice for those looking to keep size and costs to a minimum, but who still want quality design. Take a look at our refurbished iPad Mini 4 deals today.

5 Real Life Highlights:

  1. Take your iPad Mini 4 anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions
  2. Wach, read and edit in crystal clarity thanks to the high density display
  3. Explore a world of apps on the Apple App Store
  4. Quick charging and long-lasting battery
  5. Stream your favourite songs and enjoy great sound quality

Apple iPad Mini 4 Wifi Only

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All of our devices are subject to a rigorous 98-point quality control test at our state-of-the-art UK based facility, so you can purchase with 100% peace of mind that you’ll receive only the best quality products from us in the condition they are advertised. All of our devices are supplied as below without exception:


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These devices are as good as new. They have no visible marks on the screen or housing. They are in tip-top condition, ta-da!


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These devices are in excellent condition. They may have scratches on the screen and/or housing which are only noticeable upon an extremely close inspection. They are a great value alternative to our Pristine devices.


Grade C: Good

These devices are in good condition. They will show signs of moderate use on the screen and have the odd bump and/or scuff on the housing. Rest assured, this will not affect the functionality of the device. A good device, a good price.