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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Wifi Only

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Experience the might of the iPad Pro and watch it integrate into your work and home life seamlessly.

The 9.7 inches of HD glory you get with the powerful iPad Pro is bolstered by iPhone 6S-quality 12MP and 5MP cameras and a sizable storage space. It's basically the kind of tablet you can rely on to relax with on an evening, or get stuff done at work during the day.

It might not be a direct laptop replacement as the slightly larger iPad Pro 10.5 might be better suited for that, but it certainly is the dependable outlet you need - especially when you chuck the bolt-on Smart Keyboard and Pencil into the mix.

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Apple iPad Pro Overview

Combine some classic features with some next-level updates and you've got an iPad Pro that will easily become an extension of your everyday life. It's got the processor for the pulling power and the battery for the staying power – all you need to do now is explore.

Tone it down with true tone

Four-channel ambient light sensors join forces to give your eyes an easy ride when it comes to changing light conditions. True Tone technology adapts to your environment to adjust the intensity and colour of the display's white balance, which means you'll feel a little less strain.

Stay wired with the headphone jack

The hallowed headphone jack features on the iPad Pro refurb, so you can still use your wired earphones without buying an extra accessory – happy days! The loudspeaker itself is made up of four stereo speakers that balance out the audio no matter the orientation of the tablet.

Get stuff done with the smart keyboard

You can ramp up your productivity with the intuitive Smart Keyboard that Apple originally developed for the iPad Pro. There's no need to worry about with Bluetooth connectivity or find the cables you 've lost – thanks to the Smart Connector, it 'll simply click into place magnetically (in landscape orientation) so you can work quickly and easily on the go.

Big power. Apple style.

The A9X chip with an embedded M9 motion coprocessor and a 12-core PowerVR Series 7 graphics card give the iPad Pro refurb one solid standing in the tablet market. You'll be able to multitask your way into the early hours, safe in the knowledge that your iPad Pro has got your back.

Reap the rewards of a dedicated OS

iPads traditionally ran on the iOS updates that were rolled out for iPhones, too, but 2019 saw the introduction of the tailormade iPadOS for tonnes of previous iterations. This means the interface looks as attractive as it should always have been, split-screening is a doddle and double-screening is a dream – the Sidecar feature means that the Pro can be utilised as a portable monitor or, in other words, a second screen for your trusty Mac.

Battery life gives a happier life

The 27.9 Wh battery satisfies all your multimedia needs with a mega amount of power and stamina. You 'll have enough energy to plough through multiple HD movies or an entire working day and still have some left over for the commute home. The intuitive A9X processor knows when to hit top gear and when to take it easy, which means you'll get a Pro pacer of an iPad that can go the distance.

All things considered, you can't really go wrong with one of Apple's most impressive and reliable iPads in the Pro. The vibrant 9.7" display is your gateway to all the creativity and exploration the world has to offer - without breaking the bank.

iPad Pro Real Life Highlights

  1. Attach the Smart Keyboard and watch the magic flow while you 're on the move
  2. Exercise your drawing skills for computer animation with the Apple Pencil
  3. Enjoy all the benefits and convenience of a good old headphone jack
  4. Look the part with a gorgeous range of colour finishes to choose from
  5. Grab Siri's attention at a moment's notice with voice command
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