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Apple iPhone 11


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iPhone 11. Solid, dependable and durable what more could you want from a successor to the stellar iPhone Xr?

We've come to expect great things time in, time out from Apple and the iPhone 11 does not disappoint. It was no mean feat to try to steal the show from the iPhone Xr, yet, you can rest assured that the iPhone 11 delivers on a number of levels.

You can scroll to your heart's content thanks to the excellent battery life and new-and-improved A13 Bionic Processor. With style, speed and substance, our refurbished 11 is up there with the best of them - even if it is the little sister to the iPhone 11 Pro.

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Apple iPhone 11 Overview

A marked improvement on the excellent iPhone Xr in terms of battery life and processing power make the iPhone 11 a truly sensible option for a long-term handset. Its feature stack makes some barely noticeable sacrifices in some areas to make big improvements in others, so it's more than a worthy replacement for your old handset.

One of the best batteries in iPhone history

The Xr, it's fair to say, set a new precedent for smartphone battery life, but would you believe it if we said that the iPhone 11 wins this game of one-upmanship? Good, because it's true.. You'd have to make a conscious effort to deplete the battery by lights out, it's that strong. Don't get us wrong, if you give it a heavy workout of streaming, gaming and editing for hours on end, you 'll drain it far faster, but the fact that you won't have to charge it in by the afternoon during normal use makes for a refreshing change.

Feel the thrill of a more powerful processor

The iPhone 11 refurb has the joy of running on the upgraded A13 Bionic processor, which is a step on from the A12 Bionic that the Xr was packing. The extra power means you 'll feel the benefit of future software upgrades for longer, so the iPhone 11 will keep you going for years to come.

Brilliant, all-rounder camera

Sometimes cameras can feel like they've gone one step backwards so some other features can take two steps forward in smartphones, but not on the iPhone 11. The dual 12MP sensors on the rear combine to inject a new lease of life (and light) into the dark pictures you've taken, while the improved Portrait mode offers a more dramatic and rewarding experience altogether with more-than-capable background defocusing.

Music fans rejoice at the audio quality

We all know Apple has a penchant for great sound quality on its iPhones. The 11, then, takes advantage of the Dolby Atmos support that seems to be standard across the newest models these days. It makes for a superb listening experience with good quality headphones, whether you 're a music fan or a podcast obsessive. Without headphones, the speakers themselves will stand up to the test as well, as long as the sound quality of what you 're listening to is up to scratch.

Softer colour options

Some of Apple's naysayers in the past have criticised their choices for the colour finishes on the iPhone, with some feeling a tad on the brash side. It's time now to usher in a new era of eye-catching colours that err on the side of pastel.

A liquid retina display

While the resolution of the iPhone 11 is lower than that of its brothers and sisters at 828 x 1792 pixels, the quality of your viewing experience will still be up there to meet your high expectations. Its Liquid Retina LCD display stretches out to 6.1 inches.

If you 're looking for a big-league handset that delivers without a high price point and shoddy battery, you can't go wrong with a refurbished iPhone 11. This is one for the long-game when it comes to smartphone ownership.

iPhone 11 real life highlights

  1. Get excellently detailed photos in low-light conditions with a significantly improved camera
  2. Enjoy up to two metres of resistance to water for up to 30 seconds, thanks to the IP68 rating
  3. Rest easy with a faster Face ID than ever before – it even allows for wider angles than previous handsets
  4. Face the music quicker, too, with improved Bluetooth connectivity for headphones and portable speakers
  5. Enjoy a longer-term relationship thanks to the lengthy software support and brilliant battery life
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