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Possibly the best value iPhone you can buy, our refurbished iPhone 5s gives you all of the core Apple essentials at a super attractive price.

It's a few generations old now, but that makes a second hand iPhone 5s awesome value. If you want Apple design and quality without a high price tag, then it doesn't get much better than this. The 5s combines all of the Apple basics that you know and love - from Siri to fingerprint recognition - in a fast, compact and affordable package.

Being more compact than some modern flagship phones, some of the great benefits include up to two-day battery life and comfortable ergonomics. Essentially, we reckon that the iPhone 5s is a hidden gem. If you don't need the very latest specs but do want to get a slice of the Apple action, a refurbished iPhone 5s is a steal.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in)
  • Resolution: 640 x 1136 pixels, with a 16:9 ratio at 326 ppi density
  • Operating system: iOS 7 as standard, but upgradable to iOS 12.4.4
  • Storage: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage
  • Camera: 8 MP, f/2.2, 29mm to the rear, with a 1.2MP selfie camera
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 1560 mAh battery (5.92 Wh)
  • Colours: Space Gray, White/Silver, or Gold

Full Description +

Apple iPhone 5s Review

It's a few generations old now, but that makes a second hand iPhone 5s awesome value. If you want Apple design and quality without a high price tag, then it doesn't get much better than this. The 5s features all of the Apple basics that you know and love, from Siri to fingerprint recognition, in a fast, compact and affordable package. The iPhone 5s was when Apple really took things to the next level, and it still represents a great little phone that's perfect for people on a budget. There might have been half a dozen iPhones since, but the design is still fresh, and the essentials are all here. Let's take a look at what makes a second hand iPhone 5s a stellar choice.

Classic Apple design

We start with the design of the 5s. It's actually a little different to later phones; instead of sporting super curvy edges, the 5s has sharp-yet-rounded lines and a squarer feel. Far from feeling old-school, it's a solid design that feels really well built, and there's no doubt as to the premium origins of this device. Crafted from glass and metal, with high quality metal side buttons, you might be paying a budget price, but you're still getting quality. At only 112g, it's amazingly light too. If you have to have something stylish, then this will do nicely.

This ergonomic style continues with the phone's size. Yep - this isn't your giant iPhone 11 Pro Max - it's a 5-inch phone with a 4-inch display that fits neatly in one hand. While some might want a giant display for watching Netflix or playing games, the 5s is suited perfectly for those that want to do the essentials and value the ergonomics of a compact phone design.

Crisp retina display

Of course, that's not to say the screen isn't up to scratch. It might only be four inches in diameter, but it packs in a pixel density of 326ppi, which means super clear, super crisp images. Perfect if you're inspecting your latest selfie for imperfections, and great for ensuring that even small text is clear and easy to read. And thanks to its compact size, you can browse fairly easily with just one hand.

Future proof internals

Forward thinking has always been an Apple staple, and you'll be delighted to know that the 5s was given enough high-end hardware that it can run right up to iOS 12, which is now only just out of date. That means that, for a tiny price, you're still getting a super modern Apple operating system with the slick feel that we all know and love. But then, even the iOS 9 system that the 5s ships with is a smooth and intuitive interface. There's plenty of customisation options too, if you're the kind of person that will sit for hours making sure your phone background is perfect.

It's the A7 and M7 chips that you've got to thank for the 5s' performance. These chips were beasts when they first came out, and they've still got the power to run modern apps with the speed you'd expect.

A camera for all situations

Apple are well known for giving their devices awesome cameras, and the 5s is no different. While the megapixel count might not be sky high by current standards, 8MP is more than enough for most people, and it's the processing and software that really counts here. Low light snaps look far better than they should, and close-ups capture every detail. If you want to take some artsy videos, then switch things into slow mo mode. If you're grabbing a new selfie for your profile pic, then you can change the aspect ratio.

Live in the future

Touch ID was perfected on the iPhone 5s, which means you can use your fingerprint to unlock the phone - a truly futuristic touch. It's so much quicker and more secure than entering a passcode, and what's more is that it works with various apps too. Developers have now caught up with Apple, and you can use your fingerprint to sign into everything from DropBox to banking apps. No sweat.

Durable battery life

One of the things that the 5s really has going for it when compared with the latest devices is the battery life. If you're using it constantly, then Apple reckon about ten hours of use, but if you're not glued to your phone all day every day, then you can squeeze two days out of the thing, which is ideal if you're the kind of person that often forgets to charge overnight. It's also quick to charge, without having any fancy new rapid charging technology. Just 15mins of charging will be enough to keep you going for a couple of hours.

We love the iPhone 5s - it's a superb budget option for those who still want all of the great features that Apple is known for. The design feels fresh and high quality, the camera is great, and even today the phone will run super smoothly, even with the latest apps. If you're looking for a new phone and want to keep costs down, then check out our iPhone 5s refurb deals today.

5 Real Life Highlights

  1. Take slow mo videos like a pro
  2. Unlock your phone and sign into apps with genius Touch ID
  3. Message, take snaps and browse with one hand
  4. Enjoy quality Apple design without the pricetag
  5. Waste no time with fast app switching and loading

Apple iPhone 5s

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    • 12 Month Warranty
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