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Apple iPhone 6

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With a dynamite design and futuristic features to boot, our refurbished iPhone 6 boasts class-leading performance, a captivating camera and up to 128GB storage.

Are you looking for a personable high-performance iPhone that has a more rounded body than the iPhone 5s but with a little more length? Well, have we got the perfect phone for you!

Seriously though, the 6 is one of Apple's best devices when it comes to holding its own, years after its initial release. This is in no small part due to the stellar build quality, consisting of an attractive unibody aluminium chassis and chamfered edges. The dual-LED camera is also significantly more sophisticated than earlier models for top-notch photo-taking.

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Apple iPhone 6 Overview

With Apple continuously releasing new iPhones and software updates, we'd forgive you for thinking that earlier iterations like the 6 can't hold their own on the current market. But in reality, the iPhone 6 boasts many of the most popular features Apple enthusiasts know and love, but without the higher price tag. So treat yourself to the futuristic design, apps and features of our refurbished iPhone 6.

Go back to the future with Apple's iconic design

If you 're looking for the iconic large screen, smooth curves and futuristic finishes that Apple enthusiasts know and love, you won't be disappointed with the design of the iPhone 6. When launched, the 6 addressed many design flaws that were present in earlier models, namely by increasing the size of the screen to 4.7 inches while keeping the compact dimensions of the handset, adding a better camera and shifting the power button to the side of the device.

The iPhone 6 remains one of the thinnest and sleekest handsets in the market that feels more than satisfactory in the hand. Then there's the strong combo of a metal back, curvaceous screen and plastic strips for optimal penetration of radio signal. That doesn't mean you won't ever lose connection though - more that there's all those interesting design components to look at while you wait for the signal to improve.

Timeless features and apps

Growing old with grace, the iPhone 6 treads a fine line between having too many features to list and including all of the existing aspects smartphone users would expect. One of the most welcome upgrades was the 6's screen, which marked a substantial improvement from previous iterations andholds its own against newer phones, thanks to its improved contrast ratio and clear resolution. 

Movie-worthy memories with slow-mo video

Nowadays, smartphones are packed with all sorts of cinematic features designed to help us turn our home videos into oscar-worthy films. For the iPhone 6, this includes slow-motion video capturing.

Great battery power

When the iPhone 6 hit the market, Apple claimed that it had a 25% longer lasting battery than the iPhone 5S, and that the A8 processor draws 50% less power than the previous A7 iteration. This overall results in a much-improved battery life that holds up for longer than most other smartphones, although intensive gaming or streaming will deplete it faster. iOS 9 added a Low Power Mode to help users make the most of the precious bars they have left - just remember to take advantage of it if you rely on travel apps to get around!

Swipe with speed

Most people think that older devices are prone to serious performance issues - while that can be true in some cases, older Apple phones benefit from being able to handle more recent updates. In 2018 the iPhone 6 was upgraded to iOS 11, helping to keep the handset relevant years after its initial launch. Some of the additional features previous upgrades will bring to the 6 include Mail Drop - a previously Mac-only feature - slick swiping through the OS and a more self-aware Siri than ever before.

If our refurbished iPhone 6 sounds like something you 'd like to get your hands on, check out our second-hand iPhone deals.

iPhone 6 real-life highlights

  1. Keep your personal data safe thanks to Touch ID
  2. Never miss a call with Handoff across other Apple devices
  3. Multitask on the web while handling important calls thanks to Voice over LTE
  4. Enjoy speaking to your next best friend Siri
  5. Take next-level pics with the HDR dual-LED camera


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