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Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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What do you get if you cross a long-lasting battery with a dynamic display and optical image stabilisation? If you want to know, you 'll have to check out our refurbished iPhone 6 Plus.

The 6 Plus is a seriously popular phablet, with fantastic features and screen. Our models come at a fantstic price, every one with our fantastic quality guarantee.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Overview

Let's admit it - we 're all just out here trying to take some stellar selfies, ignore texts and keep an eye on our DMs. But it can be difficult doing all that essential multitasking without a decent device to hand. If you're looking for a hefty handset to help you get stuff done, you might want to check out our pristine refurbished iPhone 6 Plus.

More to love with the larger size

When launched, the iPhone 6 Plus was Apple's largest phone ever. Although there's been plenty of larger smartphones released since, as the market shifts into phablet territory, some of us don't like to hold more than we can handle. Some would say that the iPhone 6 Plus provides a perfect midway point, with its impressive 5.5-inch display, shifted volume buttons and iconic futuristic styling.

Take perfect pics with image stabilisation

When it hit the market, the iPhone 6 Plus embodied Apple's commitment to creating smartphones that are packed with smart features users would actuallyuse - including the innovative auto image stabilisation. There's nothing worse than taking what you feel is an amazing picture then looking back and realising it's just a touch too blurry. Well, there's an app for that.

It works by taking four short exposure images and combining them to create the best-quality pic available - and it does it so quickly you won't even notice. Given the incredible sharpness of the Full HD display and improved polariser that makes it easy to see the screen even in direct sunlight, it's never been more important to take the best snaps as possible.

Keep up to date iOS 8

Unlike some other phone brands, Apple didn't just cram their capable iOS 8 system onto the iPhone 6 Plus without a second thought. The mobile experience was adjusted to help users make the most of their smartphone, by flipping to landscape when the phone is turned, improving the reachability of the larger screen and shifting seamlessly between apps. That means that, although the phone is bigger, Apple has taken into account the size of the average human hand.

Feed your shopping addiction with Apple Pay

Those seamless mobile payments you use multiple times a day to make buying essentials easier than ever before startedwith the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for Apple. Simply input your bank info and hold your device near a contactless card reader while your finger lingers over Touch ID, and your cash will be splashed for you. And don't worry - all of your data is securely stored, encrypted and assigned a bespoke device account number.

Keep going with improved battery life

There's nothing worse than hearing that your beep when the battery is low - especially if you 're in the middle of streaming your favourite show. The iPhone 6 Plus had one of the largest batteries Apple had ever produced at the time of launch, which allows for around 12 hours of browsing the web of 14 hours of video playback from a single charge.

Whether you're interested in our refurbished iPhone 6 Plus because you like the sound of something a little bigger or just fancy an upgrade from your current model, we 've got you covered. If our refurbished iPhone 6 Plus intrigues you, check out our second-hand iPhone deals stat.

iPhone 6 Plus real-life highlights

  1. Keep your payment details handy thanks to Apple Pay
  2. Never feel low with the impressive battery life and low power mode
  3. Reorganise your life with Siri
  4. Stream on a larger high-res screen
  5. Swipe through apps with speed thanks to the powerful processor
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