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Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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Want a full-size iPhone without an equally hefty price tag? A refurbished iPhone 7 Plus has all the Apple prestige that most of us will ever need.

Big screen. Apple design. Affordable price. Those are the three things you need to know about our refurbished iPhone 7 Plus. If you've been dreaming of Siri and no headphone jacks, there aren't many better options.

Touches like the capacitive pad rather than a clicky home button make for a fully modern feel, and the crisp Retina display is still one of the nicest screens you'll see. There's also the dual camera to the back, which is designed to make zooming a breeze.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Overview

It might be a few generations old, but that means that a second hand iPhone 7 Plus is amazing value. With a refurbished iPhone, you 're getting the full Apple treatment, from beautiful design to clever touches and of course a stunning display - plus a large screen that gives you that flagship experience..

Stunning Apple design

Smooth, rounded corners and an aluminium frame that feels great to the touch. It's the Apple design that you know and love. On the Plus of course, the whole thing is stretched to accommodate a 5.5 inch screen. This is a size that most people will find strikes the perfect balance between compact design and plentiful screen space. It's not a phablet, and it's not super-compact like the iPhones of old.

If your hands are on the smaller side but still want something on the larger side, then the 7 Plus still has you covered. The ‘reachability ' function that Apple have developed means that a quick double tap of the home button will bring the top of the screen down - ideal if you want to use the phone one handed.

The retina display itself is of course wonderful, as you might expect from Apple. Crisp, bright and with plentiful colour depth, it 'll show off your snaps and let you enjoy videos in high definition. Forget the days of old when the idea of watching a TV show on your phone seemed ridiculous - the 5.5" screen is plenty if you 're on the tube and want to catch up.

High performance hardware

Apple never skimp on their hardware, and the iPhone 7 Plus is certainly no different. With an advanced A10 Fusion chip and 3GB of RAM, multitasking, playing games and switching between apps is simply no problem at all. Whatever you throw at it, this phone can handle. Perfect if you use your phone for personal and work stuff, or you 're a hardcore mobile gamer.

If entertainment is your thing, then you 'll be pleased to know that the dual speaker setup (speakers at the top and bottom of the device) gives you next-level stereo sounds that don't go tinny as you crank up the volume. Unlike some speaker setups, it also means you won't cover up the speakers when holding the phone.

And the piece of hardware most care about is of course the camera. You 'd better get snap happy, because the 7 Plus has a great one. Boasting a 12MP dual lens camera with wide-angle, you 'll be able to take some incredible shots.

Smooth and intuitive OS

iOS has been around for a while now, and while it keeps getting just that little bit better each generation, it's still the familiar system we all know and love. It's buttery smooth, easy to use, and there are customisation options too, so that you can readily access exactly what you need, when you need it.

The Taptic Engine

If you love showing your mates a party piece, then the iPhone 7 Plus has a great one. See the home button? It's not actually a button at all. It's now simply a clever pad that vibrates when you touch it, in a way that feels just like a click. It's all thanks to Apple's clever Taptic Engine technology. It'll also read your fingerprint for added phone security.

And finally, we love the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus features a water resistant build so you can splash the phone with water, and even take quick photos underwater for the ultimate artsy shots.

If you're after a large sized iPhone and you want to keep costs down then a refurbished 7 Plus is simply a no brainer. It comes with all you 'd expect from Apple, plus some clever touches like water resistance and a beautiful, large display that gives you everything you could want.

5 real-life highlights:

  1. Take advantage of water resistance and even take shots under the waves
  2. Be the life of the party with powerful stereo speakers
  3. Take stunning wide angle photos like a pro
  4. Enjoy premium build quality and an ergonomic design
  5. Multitask with ease thanks to high end processing
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