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Apple iPhone 8 Plus

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Wireless charging, a stunning HD display and a dual-camera to rule them all makes our refurbished iPhone 8 Plus a switch worth making.

It boasts a super-sized Retina HD 5.5" display, a crisp and sharp 12MP dual-lens camera and a downright beautiful glass finish. Seriously, what's not to love about the iPhone 8 Plus? Alright, let's throw in wireless charging, great battery life and aerospace-grade water and dust resistance and you've got just about one of the worthiest handsets to switch your allegiance to on the market.

In a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus, you'll get the kind of high-powered performance you deserve, while the augmented reality (AR) capabilities of the 8 Plus will rock your imaginary world.

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Overview

The iPhone 8 Plus delivers a level up on the experience of its slightly smaller sister model, the iPhone 8, thanks to its beefed-up dual camera and higher resolution. It's the ideal companion for those of us who are looking for an all-dayer of a phone; you'll get all the extra muscle without the need for all the extra cash.

New and improved portrait lighting

It might be a small feature in the grand scheme of all things phones, but the improved bokeh mode in the 12MP dual-lens camera is a revelation. The powerful A11 Bionic chip works out the shapes of faces and other subjects and adjusts the light accordingly. It's a feature that wasn't available on previous models, so it vastly improves the Portrait mode just like a filter can improve the weather.

A dual camera to win any duel

We all know that Apple does incredible cameras anyway, so it should be no surprise that they did it again with this model. Our refurbished iPhone 8 Plus offers greater texture, greater depth and greater vibrancy than previous models, all thanks to the built-in A11 Bionic chip and the pair of 12MP ƒ/1.8 and telephoto ƒ/2.8 lenses. The zoom of up to 10x on photos and 6x on videos adds new levels to your creative flourishes, plus you won't be restricted by storage either thanks to the fact that capacity has doubled from previous models on both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8.

A little bit of golden luxury

The option of going for gold with an iPhone 8 Plus changes the dynamic of the handset altogether. Its gold and white glass back and gold aluminium trim makes for the kind of phone that has your mates asking for a cheeky little look at it. What's more, the glass back introduces the option of wireless charging, which is super convenient.

Solid battery life for everyday tasks

Don't you just hate it when you can't finish a commute home without your battery going out on you? Well, with a pristine second-hand iPhone 8 Plus, you 'll be able to make it past dinner and into bed before you need to sit it down for some wireless charging overnight. Like all phones, graphically demanding games and hours of HD video streaming will wear it down, but everyday use is a breeze with the iPhone 8 Plus.

High-end music streaming

The stereo speakers themselves are more than up to scratch when you don't want to use your Airpods – they present a genuinely balanced sound that works great with live music videos. It's a noticeable shift up a gear from the iPhone 7 Plus and certainly nudges any of its mono speaker counterparts off the track.

iOS 13 is Apple's IOU to Us All

Originally released with iOS 11, the iPhone 8 Plus got off on the right foot, and then only got better from there. The shiny iOS 13 upgrade - now with a few more bug fixes after the initial release - means access to even more huggable features like Dark Mode, better Apple Maps and more digestible content in Apple News.

You might be thinking of switching to Apple or sticking with what you know; either way, the iPhone 8 Plus represents a solid decision that will stand you in good stead.

iPhone 8 Plus real-life highlights

  1. Snap photos like there's no tomorrow with ample storage and a 7MP front-facing camera
  2. Literally broaden your view on the world with wide-angle and telephoto lenses
  3. Clear the clutter with revolutionary Qi wireless charging through a luscious glass back
  4. Give your eyes an easier ride day and night with auto-adjustable white balance via True Tone technology
  5. HD video is king – you get twice as much storage as before, so go crazy…


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