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Apple iPhone X

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Have you always wanted to jump on the Apple bandwagon but couldn't justify the expense? Are you looking to swap your current smartphone for a far superior model? Our refurbished iPhone X offers unprecedented performance, an eye-catching edge-to-edge display and an unforgivingly detailed TrueDepth front camera for flawless photo-taking.

Named the 'iPhone of the future', our iPhone X is a solid choice for anyone who has ever dreamed of sending fun emojis to their friends, or upping their photo game without breaking the bank.

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Apple iPhone X Overview

Owning an iPhone used to be the sole domain of the rich and high-techy, but with our pristine refurbished iPhone Xs, it's never been easier to experience how the other half live, text, or Snapchat.

Great phone camera for selfies

First thing's first - opting for our refurbished iPhone X is not the right choice if you're someone who relies on mood lighting. The TrueDepth camera gives you the same level of picture quality as high-end DSLR cameras, including blurring the background in selfie mode, thanks to the dual 12-megapixel sensor which is optically stabilised and partnered with a new image signal processor.

Guaranteed phone security for privacy

And the spotlight isn't just on you when you're taking a photo - Apple's intuitive Face ID means you can unlock your phone with just your face. The facial recognition feature even works with sunglasses on. In fact, there's no home button on the iPhone X - instead, you'll be able to open and close apps with whimsical sweeping motions.

Superior phone video quality for gigs

Gone are the days of posting a video from a gig on social media and the band only being visible as pixelated squiggles - the iPhone X boasts HDR playback, meaning videos can be shown encoded in the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats for next-level depth and realistic colour reproduction. When paired with the True Tone display which automatically adjusts white balance, your gig videos will be taken to the next level.

Exciting features for socialising

If you've ever dreamed of conveying crucial meeting notes over iMessage under the guise of a talking emoji, now's your time to shine. Our refurbished iPhone X comes kitted with Apple's Animoji, which allows you to record and send voice messages with interactive emojis at the touch of a button, with popular options including a feisty fox, adorable alien and cutesy unicorn.

Great battery life for commuting

Our refurbished iPhone Xs are in pristine condition, meaning the stunning glass back which allows for wireless charging will be intact and good to go. There's literally no way to mess wireless charging up and you won't have to worry about borrowing a USB cable from your unsuspecting coworker - simply place the phone on a level surface and compatible charger to boost the battery.

Wireless headphones for music streaming

New features like Dark Mode and app speed increases make it easier than ever to browse the web on an evening, working in tandem to dim the background while maintaining readability and browsing speed at all times. Like other iPhones, the X doesn't utilise a conventional headphone jack and is compatible with AirPods.

Whether you've always been an Apple enthusiast, are an iPhone amateur or prefer other providers, we 'd be surprised if you've not found something you like about the iPhone X. If our refurbished iPhone X sounds like something you'd like to get your hands on - whether it's for selfies, social media or streaming - check out our pristine second-hand iPhone deals today.

Five iPhone X real-life" highlights

  1. Send messages as an Animoji - suitable for any occasion.
  2. Ditch the wires with WPC wireless charging and AirPods.
  3. Take next-level photos and videos with the 4K dual-pixel camera.
  4. Save more than ever before with generous storage space.
  5. Unlock your phone easily with Face ID, even when wearing sunglasses.
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