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Elusive and seemingly impossible, the launch of a budget iPhone remained the smartphone market's Holy Grail for years. However, 2018 finally saw Apple scale this particular summit with the release of the iPhone Xr.

The budget iPhone of choice. The iPhone Xr is stuffed with fantastic features, an awesome camera and, with our quality guarantee on refurbished models, a very desirable price.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm
  • Resolution: A 6.1-inch, Liquid Retina IPS LCD display with high definition and a resolution of 828x1792
  • Operating system: Powered by the AppleA12 Bionic processor
  • Storage: A maximum 3GB of RAM
  • Camera: A 12 megapixel main camera with image definition of 2160p
  • Battery: A Li-Ion battery with an exceptional capacity of 2,942mAh

Full Description +

Apple iPhone Xr Overview

The Apple brand is synonymous with premium products, with its iPhone range the best embodiment of this. However, many consumers can't see past the high price, meaning many models go unnoticed in the range.

This is why the iPhone Xr represented a marketing masterstroke for Apple, as this handset is still relatively cheap when compared to its contemporaries (and particularly the two smartphones it was launched alongside in 2018).

Despite this, it still packs a real punch in terms of its specification, while also offering one of the best power packs of any iPhone handset. If you want to experience the performance and features of an iPhone without the premium price, take a look at our refurbished iPhone Xr deals.

Launched in October 2018, it's fair to say that the iPhone Xr is one of Apple's most recently released handsets.

It improved significantly on previous iPhone iterations, particularly in terms of the battery performance, colour and the all-important front-facing ‘selfie' camera

Finally - an iPhone with a durable battery

Apple is renowned for having a stamina issue when it comes to designing iPhones, but the Xr definitely bucks this trend, backing up Apple's lofty claim that it offers the best battery life of any iPhone on the market

It's hard to quantify precisely why this is the case, especially as there are units around that pack decidedly more oomph than the 2,942mAh battery featured here. However, it's notable that the iPhone Xr frame is relatively large, allowing for a slightly superior power source to be housed inside.

As a result, this handset can comfortably last the whole day on a single charge, while innovative management tools and an outstanding power save mode can also drive further energy savings overnight.

A consistent camera with Smart HRD Mode

Although the Xr's camera may lack a secondary sensor, the handset's 12MP front lens more than makes up for this potential deficiency.

This is certainly capable of taking incredibly bright and detailed pictures, whilst the integration of Apple's Smart HDR mode helps to enhance the overall quality and consistency of those all-important pics.

Of course, the curse of the LCD screen means that the images captured on the Xr will always pale in comparison to devices with OLED displays. The difference is marginal, however.

A premium design at an affordable price

At first glance, the iPhone Xr looks just like any other premium Apple handset. It certainly features the same rounded edges, while the sleet metal finish and 7000 series aluminium frame is incredibly smooth and nice to touch.

The design is also reinforced by Gorilla Glass at the front and back of the handset, with Apple claiming that this is the toughest material of its type available in the smartphone market.

So, if you're like us and drop your phone as often as you answer it, this makes for a functional feature that adds genuine value.

It's an LCD screen, but not as we know it

We spoke earlier about the LCD display on the iPhone Xr, which has drawn unfavourable comparisons when compared with the OLED screen that's featured on the XS Max.

However, you should know that Apple's marketing gurus have been quick to amp up the Xr display with the use of Liquid Retina technology, creating an upgraded screen that really makes the most of the 6.1-inch real estate available.

The Liquid Retina display certainly presents slightly brighter and crisper visuals, by relying on a higher level of pixels-per-inch to create a smooth, paper-like screen effect.

Find your colour

The iPhone Xr was also the first Apple handset in a long time to come in such a diverse and vibrant range of colours, with designers borrowing heavily from the Nokia Lumia series to add a unique visual dimension.

As a result, you can purchase your refurbished iPhone Xr is red, blue, white, coral, black and even yellow, offering a natural (and some would argue long overdue) successor to the popular 5c handset.

Some may call this a gimmick, but for those of you who love bright and shiny products then the iPhone Xr is the smartphone for you.

There's certainly plenty to be said in favour of the iPhone Xr, both in terms of its functionality, design and overall performance.

The long-lasting battery can definitely keep pace with those who love nothing more than to multitask with the iPhones, for example, while a slightly improved display and deceptively snappy front camera also provide genuine value for considerably less of your hard-earned cash.

You can save even more by purchasing one of our refurbished Xr models, which look as good as new and are available at genuinely competitive prices.

5 real-life highlights of the iPhone Xr

  1. Use Apple's Smart HDR Mode and ‘Live Video' function to capture your most precious moments
  2. The iPhone Xr is available in a number of bright and vivid colours, so pick one that matches your personality
  3. Multitask to your heart's content and rely on a powerful, 2,942mAh battery pack to support you in both work and play
  4. Mute the sound quicker than ever before, with a simple click of the conveniently placed ‘silent' button on the right of the handset
  5. The handset's top and bottom speakers both emit stereo sound, while you can even capture videos with the same quality of audio

Apple iPhone Xr

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