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Apple iPhone Xs Max

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You haven't felt true processing power until you've held the iPhone Xs Max. Coming in as Apple's largest ever smartphone, it's now as dominant in the market as it is in the hand.

The iPhone Xs Max is the phone of choice for those looking for a mighty screen and powerful mobile gaming level processer speeds. Our refurbished models bring the price right down, without reducing the quality of the phone.

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Apple iPhone XS Max Overview

The iPhone XS Max (or the ‘Ten S Max ' to you and me) undoubtedly took the headlines when it launched in September 2018, as it represented Apple's first genuine attempt at a phablet-style handset with a cavernous screen.

Typically, Samsung has dominated the market for this type of device with its iconic Galaxy S range, but the 6.5-inch XS Max has definitely disrupted this space and arguably set a new standard in big and almost bezel-less smartphones.

If you 've ever held the XS Max and iPhone XS side-by-side, you'll understand just how mighty the former feels in the hand.

Incredibly, its display is a whopping 0.8 inches larger than its companion, whilst it's also 0.7 inches bigger than the flagship iPhone X handset. This represents a bold design statement, and one that we're pleased to say has been backed up by the accompanying specification.

Make no mistake; Apple has also enhanced the appearance and the quality of the screen, whilst making incremental improvements to its camera and battery performance.

The new face of the iPhone

Whilst Apple used to lead the way in terms of premium smartphone design, the brand often came under fire for falling behind their rivals in the field of screen resolution.

This accusation no longer holds weight, however, with the screens impressive 2688x1242 resolution really catching the eye and equating to a 458ppi pixel density.

The OLED panel that makes up the Super Retina HD display in the XS Max also offers incredible brightness and vivid colour, creating sharp and clearly rendered imagery at all times.

Increasingly secure face recognition

Face ID is undoubtedly the biometric of choice for Apple these days - and not only because it has enabled designers to replace the Touch IS fingerprint scanner and free up more space for larger displays.

Apple have also worked tirelessly to enhance the security and stability of facial recognition, whilst incrementally improving the speed at which you 're able to unlock the handset.

In short, Apple's Face ID will recognise your beautiful visage in the time it takes to wake the screen and swipe upwards, negating the need for you stand motionless in front of the handset for what seems like an age.

A bigger battery than ever before

It's not only the screen that's bigger with the iPhone XS Max, as Apple has also fitted the device with its biggest ever power pack.

Make no mistake; the combination of a hefty 3,174mAh battery with Apple's power-efficient A12 Bionic processor allows you to drain every ounce of life from the power pack, which is just as well given the functionality of the XS Max and how it lends itself to multitasking.

This battery can definitely last for the day on a single charge without any drama at all, although this may reduce to an average running time of four hours when playing immersive games such as Mobile Legend.

However, this handset comes with a fast charging feature with up to 50% charge for 30 minutes, so you can quickly recover power when enjoying marathon gaming or streaming sessions.

The best iPhone for streaming?

This brings us neatly onto the issue of gaming, which is particularly relevant as Apple have leveraged the iPhone XS Max to make this a key feature of their design for the very first time.

The capacious power pack and advanced A12 processor certainly help to enhance the longevity and fluidity of gameplay, for example, while the integration of a so-called ‘Neural Engine ' helps to power augmented reality and gaming technology.

When combined with superior audio and immersive stereo sound, the iPhone XS Max provides a comprehensive gaming experience that's simply unavailable on any other Apple handset.

Snap away with a deceptively purposeful camera

At first glance, it would appear as though the iPhone XS Max has exactly the same camera as the X handset. First appearances can be deceiving, however, and the fact remains that the camera on the XS Max benefits from a number of small but purposeful improvements.

While there remain two 12MP snappers in a vertical stack and both telephoto and wide-angle lenses, for example, the XS Max also features a Smart HDR function that actively improves still shots with high contact and optimised levels of lighting.

The size of the pixels has also been slightly increased in Apple's latest dual-camera setup, enabling you to shed more light on your favourite photos.

While size doesn't always translate into superior quality, the larger-than-life iPhone XS Max has undoubtedly emerged as one of Apple's best ever handsets.

From the transition to a superior OLED display and new and improved facial recognition software, and from the integration of a Neural engine to empower high quality gaming, this handset has broken new ground for Apple.

Incredibly, our own refurbished XS Max handsets are also available at incredibly competitive price points, despite the fact that they offer everything that you 'd expect from a brand new iPhone.

5 real-life highlights of the iPhone XS Max

  1. Enjoy all of your favourite (and most engaging) games with Apple's cutting edge display and Neural engine
  2. Navigate menus and apps quicker than ever before with Apple's powerful A12 Bionic Chip, which is great for multitasking and up to 40% more efficient
  3. If you 're a selfie lover, you can also leverage a 12MP front camera and Smart HDR functionality to capture all of your natural beauty
  4. Stream hours of film and TV in HD and on a single charge, thanks to Apple's biggest ever power pack
  5. Select a handset and storage plan to suit your usage, with models available up to 512GB


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