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If you like the look of the 38mm Series 3 but want some more real estate for your money, you’ll love the larger display and superior resolution of the 42mm version!

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 36.4 x 11.4 mm
  • Resolution: A 1.65-inch, OLED display with an impressive resolution of 390x312
  • Operating system: Powered by Apple's S3 chipset
  • Storage: 16GB of storage (but no slot card)
  • Battery: A Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 279mAh
  • Colours: Gold, Silver, Black and Space Grey.

Full Description +

Apple Watch Series 3 Aluminium 42mm Review

We've always been fans of the 42mm Apple Watch, which has boasted a slightly larger display and superior screen resolution across first, second and now third generation products. While you can also purchase the Apple Watch Series 3 in stainless steel, ceramic and aluminum casings, we'd argue that the combination of the latter with a 42mm frame makes for a truly compelling consumer proposition.

There's no doubt that this 42mm aluminium timepiece definitely boasts an impressive specification, and one that stands comparison with the very best smartwatches on the market. Interestingly, you can now also buy an LTE-enabled version of the device (along with a more traditional GPS Only model), and while this may cost a little more, it means that our refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 benefits from an integrated cellular connection for more flexible use away from your smartphone.

Go aluminium for a classic look

When buying any smartwatch, you're often asked to choose between form and function and make at least some form of compromise (particularly in terms of design or build quality). By buying the aluminium iteration of the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3, however, you can secure a sleek and stylish smartwatch that somehow manages to feel both durable and lightweight on the watch. The stunning and iconic aluminium case is also well-placed to survive even the most austere outdoor elements, which is pretty handy given the reputation of the Apple Watch Series 3 as a fitness tracker.

Access a tracking device that can keep up

This provides a seamless segue into Apple's much improved fitness tracker, which benefits from an enhanced four-sensor heart-rate monitor that's now capable of providing far more diverse functionality. More specifically, Apple's upgraded sensors can now perform a far wider range of tasks, from accurately measuring your real-time pulse rate to monitoring your resting heartbeat in-between workouts. Along with better known and much-loved features such as distance tracking and the measurement of beats-per-minute, this definitely enhances the appeal of the Apple Watch Series 3 and transforms into a wider market force.

Fitness features boosted by the battery

Of course, integrating improved fitness functionality into the Apple Watch 3 means little unless the battery is capable of supporting this, and fortunately this has not been overlooked by the American brand. To this end, the 42mm aluminium iteration of their third-generation smartwatch boasts a durable, 279 mAh power pack, which can provide upto 50 hours of battery life from a single charge during moderate to-heavy usage.

This is great when running and streaming music simultaneously, as during testing the Apple Watch Series 3 only lost around 4% of battery life when deployed during an intensive, one-hour run (to be honest, we're not even sure that we'd last for this long during such a workout!)

The LTE-enabled model shines

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Apple Watch Series 3 is that both the 38mm and 42mm iterations can be purchased with their own, independent cellular connection.

So, while the device cannot be used to its full potential without the support of an accompanying iOS smartphone, it at least allows you to make high quality voice calls and stream music without being connected to your iOS handset's network. We'd argue that this alone makes the LTE-enabled timepiece a worthwhile investment, especially as it will allow you to directly access a whopping 50 million songs through Radio Beats and Apple Music.

Access a staggering 16GB of storage

Ok, we hear you ask, but where can I store my back catalogue of tunes if I invested in the LTE-enabled smartwatch? This is a more than valid question, but rest assured - you can buy the 42mm iteration of the Apple Watch Series 3 complete with an impressive 16GB of internal storage.

We'd argue that this is more than adequate for even the most extensive selection of tracks, while it means that you'll never be without a soundtrack whether you're working late at the office or running a marathon! Ultimately, you can buy the Apple Watch Series 3 in a number of fun and unique configurations, with the 42mm aluminium iteration providing a larger display, superior screen resolution and a standalone cellular connection.

You can also browse our own unique range of refurbished 42mm aluminium Apple Watch Series 3 timepieces, which can be purchased for less without forcing you to compromise on the user experience. It's win win.

5 real-life highlights

  1. The enhanced S3 processing chip definitely offers better value for money, primarily because this has made Siri far more functional and fit for purpose when driving
  2. Apple has also improved its much-vaunted Taptic engine, which now provides noticeably different vibrations according to specific notifications such as calls, emails and text messages
  3. The call quality on the LTE-enabled model is particularly impressive, enabling you to make clear and audible phone calls even when running in the great outdoors
  4. Thanks to improved design quality, both the digital crown and power button on the Apple Watch 3 feel firmer when pressed and can be operated far more efficiently
  5. The improved interface on the Apple Watch Series 3 now features an intuitive and scrollable dock, which makes it far easier to access apps and tracks while multitasking

Apple Watch Series 3 - Aluminium 42mm

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