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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

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Designed for those who want premium looks without a premium price tag, a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A5 is sure to impress.

With sleek aluminium framing and matching glass to the front and back, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a design masterpiece. With the screen coming in at 5.2", you're getting a great balance between ergonomics and screen size.

And one of the best bits about the Galaxy A5 is the battery life. It supports fast charging and has shown to last a lot longer than rivals. Ideal if you're glued to your phone and don't always have a power outlet available - whether it's because you're a regular commuter, a late-night exercise fanatic or a social butterfly. Check out our refurbished Samsung Galaxy A5 deals today to experience out-of-this-world tech.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 Overview

A second hand Samsung Galaxy A5 is a mid-range phone at a budget price, and has been engineered for those who place a priority on looks and feel. If you don't need super high end hardware, but do want cutting edge design and all of the modern essentials, then this could well be the phone for you.

Stunning looks

The first thing you'll notice about the Samsung Galaxy A5 is that it looks expensive. And that's a good thing, because our second hand deals mean that it isn't. With high quality glass to the front and rear panels, plus colour-matched aluminium frame, this has the appearance of a high-end, cutting edge phone. Your mates certainly aren't going to know it's not the latest design.

Ergonomics are a priority here. The back of the phone has a very slight curve to it, the edges of the screen are nicely curved, and bezels are at an absolute minimum. The result is a device that feels as good as it looks.

Super AMOLED screen

The 5.2-inch display is branded as a 1080p Super AMOLED, and comes complete with vivid colours and deep contrast. This means that watching everything from Netflix to TikTok videos is a dream. There are also various screen settings that you can use to customise your experience; ideal for switching between natural selfies and next-gen games.

Processing power and operating system

Samsung have given the A5 an octa-core Exynos 7880 CPU, which means snappy browsing and loading of apps, and you should be able to run even the latest games on at least medium settings. It's a great all-rounder.

Android is ever-popular amongst those that like to customise their phone experience, and the A5 comes with a nice Samsung version that has kept clutter to a minimum, while keeping some of the latest functions. Split-screen multitasking is one of these functions, and the phone can always be upgraded to Android 7.0 (also known as Nougat) for even more of the latest features and design options.

The finishing touches

Being a Samsung, there are some neat little additions too. The capacitive fingerprint key to the front can rapidly scan your fingerprint for security, which works well with a number of apps. There's also a microSD card slot available, which is a rarity these days, but means that you can pack in up to 256GB of extra data. IP68 certification also means that the A5 can handle being a metre underwater for up to half an hour. Great if you want to take the odd underwater snap - even better if you 're clumsy in the bath.


A Samsung Galaxy A5 refurb could be a great choice if you place a priority on looks and feel, but you 're not necessarily fussed about the very latest hardware. The phone has just about everything anyone might need, and it comes packaged in a super attractive case. We think it's a bit of a hidden gem, so check out our second hand deals today.

5 real-life highlights

  1. Impress your mates with the A5's supermodel looks
  2. Keep things secure with the clever fingerprint key
  3. Store masses of music or video with the SD card slot
  4. No need to panic if you drop your phone in the tub
  5. Don't break a sweat when running multiple apps thanks to an octa-core CPU
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