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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

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At the time of its release in August 2019, the Galaxy Note 10 was Samsung's biggest, baddest and most capacious phablet. What's more, this behemoth of a device now boasts a 5G iteration, making it even more appealing to consumers across the globe.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Review

If there's one phablet that oozes luxury and premium design, it's Samsung's mighty Note 10+ 5G. From its striking Aura colours to the best-in-class Dynamic AMOLED display, it represents an incredible feat of innovation and design. Sure, you'll have to get to grips with the finger-taxing 6.8-inch display, but this is a small price to play when you consider the handset's specification and everything that you have to offer. This will also exercise your pinkies too, which is another benefit of this ground-breaking device. This includes coveted 5G connectivity, which adds a unique dimension to the device and improves some of its key selling points. Check out our refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G deals today.

In many ways, modern-day smartphones defy the laws of physics. The reason for this is simple; as while their screen sizes get larger year-on-year, they maintain an incredibly sleek, thin and ultimately portable design. The Note 10+ 5G definitely embodies this design ethos, and while it's not alone in this, the inclusion of a whopping 6.8-inch display definitely takes the principle onto a whole new level.

The best display on the market

We'll start with the device's spectacular 6.8-inch display, which just so happens to be the best as well as the biggest on the market. This is borne out by the integrated Quad HD+ technology, which powers the Dynamic AMOLED screen and delivers an impressive resolution of 1440x3040 pixels. These specifications, when combined with striking colour contrasts and impressive levels of peak brightness, contribute to an immersive viewing experience whether you're streaming videos or simply sifting through emails.

Optimised real estate with an exceptional design

As you can imagine, Samsung has had to make some design tweaks to the Note 10+ 5G in order to optimise the size of the display real estate available to users. More specifically, they've virtually eliminated the bezel by housing the front camera in a compact, centre-aligned punch hole at the top of the handset. This punch-hole is also 26% smaller than the alternative featured on the S10+, allowing for an edge-to-edge, curved design that really catches the eye. Of course, the lack of bezel can cause issues in terms of random and false screen touches, but these should become increasingly sparse as you get used to the handset.

Even more features with upgraded S Pen

Like most people, we're fans of Samsung's much-vaunted S Pen, which is gradually evolving into more of a wand than a mere stylus. The version included with the Note 10+ 5G has certainly benefited from a significant upgrade, and one that translates into even more applications for users.

Removing the S Pen from its housing at the bottom right-hand corner of the frame feels akin with drawing a gun from its holster, whether you're capturing or annotating screenshots or want to scribble down shorthand notes without having to navigate through a host of different menus. You'll also be able to utilise Air Gestures with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, with these enabling you to zoom in and out of the camera view with a simple clockwise-counterclockwise rotation.

A huge long-lasting 4,300mAh power pack

The integration of 5G capability has definitely improved the specification of this Note 10+ iteration, particularly in terms of streaming and viewing content in high definition. To this end, the Note 10+ 5G is also equipped with a capacious, 4,300mAh power pack, which allows for more than all-day battery life with the default Full HD resolution. This applies even when gaming and streaming content, so can binge-watch your favourite shows without being overly concerned about losing power.

Even in the rare instances where the battery is compromised, you can call on Samsung's upgraded Fast Charging capability (which delivers power at 45W). This has charged devices from 0% to 100% in just 70 minutes, so it's an exceptional way of delivering power both quickly and efficiently.

Introducing five cameras with varying perspectives

It has been argued that the camera app on the Note 10+ 5G isn't the best on the market, but this certainly delivers in terms of fun and innovation. More specifically, this app features five stunning cameras, including normal, telephoto, ultra-wide and depth-sensing lenses at the rear. The 12.3MP main rear camera also benefits from Night Mode, which enables you to capture clear imagery even in low-light conditions. As for the ultra-wide and 2x zoom telephoto lenses, these offer fascinating perspectives and viewing angles that allow you to experiment with your photography.

Samsung has now released a number of devices with both 5G connectivity and the S Pen, but there's little doubt that the Note 10+ 5G is the biggest, best and in possession of the most impressive specification. The camera app is particularly fun and engaging, for example, while the upgraded S Pen offers a number of fascinating features that deliver genuine value for your hard-earned cash.

5 real-life highlights

  1. The ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor is arguably more secure and provides much quicker recognition than face recognition
  2. This device also comes with 12GB of RAM, which is enough to mirror Dex desktop mode and full browser support
  3. The S Pen allows you to click between various camera modes while also levering 'Live Focus' technology to blur out backgrounds
  4. 12MP f/2.1 telephoto and 16MP f/2.2 ultra-wide lenses offer shots and varying perspectives that will elevate your portraits to a new level
  5. Wireless charging has improved markedly to 15W with this handset, creating quicker and more convenient power source on the go
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