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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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With 3D touch and near edge-to-edge screen, this aesthetic Galaxy Note 8 truly is a force to be reckoned with.

At the time of its launch, the Galaxy Note 8 offered one of the best big displays on the market. But it's not just the expansive 6.3-inch Infinity Display that's impressive - it's just the tip of the iceberg for a phone that also includes 6GB of rapid RAM, two superb rear cameras and record-breaking performance. The 8 is truly wonderful thanks to all-day durability and forward-thinking power-saving software. If you want to experience the force that is a refurbished Note 8 and save some money, check out our secondhand deals.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 DS Overview

A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 DS refurb is one of the best options for buyers who need a phone that can keep up with their busy lifestyle, but that need to keep some coin spare for the sesh. If you 're a go-getter when it comes to work and play, then you 'll want all that this giant phone has to offer. But don't just take our word for it - read on to see why bigger is better, always.

Curves in all the right places

Nobody really likes bevels - after all, they 're just wasted space. As a result, Samsung has done away with them where possible, and the result is the stunning Infinity Display that makes the Note 8 look truly sexy. From the front, there's really nothing else to talk about, because it takes the screen right to the edges of the phone before curving them off towards the extremities. An 83% screen to body ratio is simply insane.  The result is a simply stunning look that takes full advantage of the screen's size, without getting excessively girthy.

Dazzling anti-catfish display

At a respectable 6.3 inches, and with 3K resolution, whatever you 're looking at is beautiful - especially that last selfie you took. Colour depth and sharpness are amongst the very best you 'll see on any device. It doesn't matter whether you 're chilling with Netflix, editing your selfies, or playing with the latest AR app, the Note 8 makes everything look good - but the screen quality also means you can see every detail of every phone, so you won't be caught out on a dating app anytime soon.

S Pen for pretentious notetaking galore

The S Pen is something that lots of people won't be familiar with, so here's the lowdown. The Note 8, as its name suggests, is designed for things like note-taking and sketching, which is why it comes with a stylus. It's great for taking down meeting minutes, for creating inappropriate GIFs to send to your boss, or just looking like a bourgie commuter. There's even a handy holder built into the device, so you won't lose the pen or your dignity. 

High end hardware for multi-apping

In keeping with the multitasking theme, Samsung has equipped the Note 8 with some seriously beefy hardware. The processor is top notch, and a huge 6GB of RAM means that this phone can handle multiple apps running at once without any problems at all. Need to regularly switch between emails, SnapChat and your dating app of choice? No problem at all - the Note 8 will load them all up and move between them instantly. Just don't get them confused.

Your new bestie Bixby

The Note 8 marked the debut of Bixby, the Samsung virtual assistant who's contractually obligated to be your friend. It's similar to Siri and Google Assistant, but less self aware. Bixby is a clever solution that can learn about which apps you use and can help with every aspect of your life. Need someone to track your running progress? Bixby can do it. Want a recipe recommendation? Ask Bixby. Have to make an important meeting? Bixby can remind you. Hotel? Trivago.

Two cameras are better than one

If the stylus wasn't enough of a party piece, the camera is perhaps the Note 8's biggest strength. It comes with a pair of 12MP cameras, and this dual lens solution means that you can zoom like never before on a camera while maintaining superb picture quality. It also gives you the ability to add incredible depth of focus, and the bokeh feature blurs out backgrounds, allowing you to create focus on what's really important - your face, baby.

A second hand Galaxy Note 8 is perhaps the ultimate multitasking tool for those that don't want to fork out on the very latest big-screen device, but need to seriously regain control of their life. The display is incredible, the functionality is endless, and the camera is one of the best you can buy. If you 're looking for serious bang for your buck, then a refurbished Note 8 could be your soulmate.

5 Real Life Highlights

  1. Scribble down your thoughts with the clever S Pen
  2. Take incredible shots with the dual lens camera system
  3. Marvel at the expansive curves of the Infinity Display
  4. Manage your life with the Bixby virtual assistant
  5. Use clever features like App Pairing to get more done
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