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While some handsets break the mould, others smash them to pieces. This is true of the Samsung S8, thanks to its bezel-less design and enhanced camera.

When Samsung released the Galaxy S8 in April 2017, most people thought it was just the latest handset in the brand's iconic series. Well, it was - but it was so much more than that. Samsung opted against showcasing the device at the World Mobile Congress like usual, meaning the iconic bezel-less design came as a genuine surprise. The improved power pack and supreme 12MP camera sported by our refurbished S8s were cherries on top of the cake.

Specification +

  • Dimensions: 148.9 x 68.1 x 8.0 mm, with a weight of 155g
  • Resolution: A 5.8-inch, Super AMOLED display with high definition and an resolution of 1440x2960
  • Operating system: Powered by the Exynos 8895 chipset
  • Storage: A maximum 4GB of RAM
  • Camera: A 12 megapixel rear camera with image definition of 2160p
  • Battery: A powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3,000mAh

Full Description +

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

When Samsung released the Galaxy S8 in April 2017, most people thought that this represented little more than the latest handset in the Korean brand's iconic series. The S8 actually represented far more than this, however, with consumers caught off-guard by the fact that Samsung opted against showcasing the device at the World Mobile Congress.

As a result, the phone's iconic, bezel-less design came as a genuine and delightful surprise to users, whilst the improved power pack and supreme 12MP camera have undoubtedly improved its functionality too.

We've already touched on the S8's status as a true trail-blazer in the smartphone market, and this is borne out by its exceptional specification.From the curved and sleek design to a stunning 12MP rear camera, a refurbished Samsung S8 perfectly embodies Samsung's unique ability to combine form and function in equal measure.

Live on the Edge with the S8's Display

It was the success of the Galaxy S7 Edge that inspired Samsung to make all of its flagship handsets round and glossy. This means that S8 is equipped with a seamless, almost edge-to-edge display that boasts both immense style and much-needed practicality. Not only is this display easy-to-use and ideal for streaming 4K content, but it has also been designed to provide rapid access to your favourite contacts and apps.When allied with a premium look and feel, the curved, Super AMOLED display is a joy to behold.

Revel in the Superior Samsung Experience

Ever since the launch of the Galaxy S6, Samsung has been renowned for the quality of its user interface and the ways in which customers interact with their smartphones. The S8 arguably represents the pinnacle of Samsung's user interface technology, with the upgraded TouchWiz (or the Samsung Experience) offers rapid and intuitive access to key accounts, apps and messages.It's the attention to detail that really sets this interface apart, however, with your device settings now organising apps logically and making them accessible with just a couple of clicks. The new Looking for something else? option at the bottom of each menu is also tailormade for fluid navigation, particularly when looking to complete common and frequent tasks through your smartphone.

Optimise Both Sides with the S8's Front and Rear Cameras

This handset also features Samsung's icon 12MP rear camera, which is great for snapping portrait shots in low light and also incorporates the type of cute stickers and augmented reality masks usually found on Snapchat. There's also an upgraded, 8MP front or selfie camera, which also performs superbly in relatively poor light and is capable of capturing high quality images whether they're pre-planned or spontaneous! Access to the camera app is also quick and easy, with a double-tap of the power button or a single upwards swipe from the lock screen enough to get you started.

A Deceptively Impressive Battery

At first glance, there's nothing special about the S8's 3,000mAh power pack. After all, there were already larger and more capacious smartphone batteries when the handset launched, while this is the same size power pack found in the S7. However, the battery provides above average performance, with the S8 able to function for more than 24 hours on a single charge and unlikely to drop below 60% or 70% by the average lunchtime. Additionally, Samsung has equipped the S8 with fast and wireless charging, which can power a flat battery to 7% within just five minutes.

Make the Most of the All-new Bluetooth

While the new Bluetooth standard on the Galaxy S8 did not excite the vast majority of consumers when it was launched, users have since realised just how impressive this feature is. Equipped with the superb Bluetooth 5, you can benefit from an array of features that make owning a smartphone even more fun. You can pair any Bluetooth headphones and sync volume controls with the handset, for example, which allows for total and intuitive control over your audio at all times! So, if you're more likely to use your phone for listening to your favourite tunes than taking calls, this is definitely a feature that's worth considering.

Following its launch, the S8 was considered by many to be one of the most powerful smartphones ever designed. A refurbished Samsung S8 has managed to age like a fine wine too, with its design, interface and camera performance comparable with the very best handsets on the market.

5 real-life highlights

  1. The handset's slim design and smooth interface is ideal for multitasking and those who want to use the phone one-handed
  2. A 3,000mAh battery and quick, wireless charging allows for continued use when streaming and gaming
  3. The upgraded 8MP front camera sensor enables you to take spontaneous and great-looking selfies even in low light
  4. For snapping quick pics with the 12MP rear camera, you can simply double-tap the power button to fire the shutter in seconds!
  5. Samsung has retained the traditional headphone jack with the S8, so you can enjoy far greater flexibility when listening to music

Samsung Galaxy S8

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