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Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Amazing AMOLED Infinity Display and impressive size, plus the latest tech and features make our secondhand S8+ a real winner.

Each Samsung phone gets the tagline "the next big thing" when it comes out. This was actually true for the Galaxy S8+. Standing tall at more than 6", our refurbished S8 Plus remains one of the biggest and best phones you can buy. But thanks to some clever packaging, this is still a phone you can hold in one hand - allowing you to easily take advantage of all the features packed within and still carry around your coffee. Check out our refurbished S8+ deals today.

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Edge Review

For years, smartphone enthusiasts have been searching for a phone that gives them generous screen real estate, without being so big that they have to text with two hands or use maximum effort to take a photo. When the S8 hit the market it was a major event, meaning a refurbished Samsung S8 Plus could be the perfect match for you if you value screen size, dynamic design and futuristic features.

Dynamic user-oriented display

It's the Infinity Display that really gives our refurbished S8 Plus an edge (or really - a lack of one) over its rivals. By curving the screen over the sides of the phone and sacking off unsightly bezels. Samsung has ensured that you take full advantage of the massive screen without requiring excessive dimensions. It feels like the whole front of the phone is a screen, which makes it look super futuristic.

All of these curves also mean the phone feels great in the hand. But, it's not just the size, it's how you use it that counts. The S8 Plus's Quad HD AMOLED display is one of the best screens out there, bringing crisp viewing that's next level whatever you're doing.

The name's Bixby, virtual assistant Bixby

Although not quite as famous as Siri, Alexa, or even the unnamed Google Assistant, Bixby is the equally charming voice recognition personal assistant on Samsung devices. And he's pretty great. If you need prompts to help you stay on top of your life, Bixby is your dream robot. He can set reminders, send texts, track your calories and even learn your favourite apps

High-end hardware

At launch, the S8 Plus was the quickest and most powerful phone that a lot of reviewers had tested to date. And that means it's a great choice for those of us who need to check our social media asap, or have a million tabs open at once. If you 're a gamer, then you 'll be pleased to know that there's enough power in the S8 Plus to deal with any of the most popular games. In fact, whatever you like doing on your phone, speed is paramount.

Snap happy camera tech

Selfie queen, food Instagrammer or budding wildlife photographer? No problem. The S8 Plus boasts a chunky 12MP camera to the rear that can make even the dingiest alley look like the best backdrop. But in this day and age when seemingly every phone has a great camera with lots of megapixels, numbers aren't everything. The clever people at Samsung have therefore given the S8 Plus some awesome microprocessing technology to deliver amazing photos even in low light situations.

Battery to survive long days

Everyone hates running out of battery, which is why the S8 Plus has been designed to offer a solid day and a half of juice - better than most competitors. You no longer have to worry about whether your phone will last - the S8's clever power-saving software tech will see you through. And finally, the S8 Plus is water and dust resistant, so it can survive any antics.

For one of the best screens on any smartphone and an unparalleled camera, it's hard to look past a refurbished S8 Plus. The amazing Infinity Screen with unique aspect ratio and high-quality resolution is simply stunning to look at. And when that's combined with a sleek design, clever features and high-end hardware, you 're looking at a serious piece of kit.

Five real-life highlights:

  1. Watch your favourite shows in super high quality widescreen
  2. Text and type with just one hand thanks to the slim form factor
  3. Sort your life out with the Bixby virtual assistant
  4. Make your mates jealous with the phone's dazzling good looks
  5. Take photos anywhere, anytime with advanced camera processing
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