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Samsung Galaxy S9+

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With an oversized screen and all the tech you could ever want, a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is for those that demand the best.

It's big, it's bold, and it's packed with tech. A second hand S9 Plus remains one of the best smartphones you can buy if you don't want to compromise - on anything. With a massive 6.2-inch Infinity screen, up-to-date innovations and supermodel styling, it's truly a flagship device.

You'll get all the latest features - from the Bixby virtual assistant to Dual Aperture camera technology and wireless charging. All of this is encased in a high-quality metal and glass chassis, with curved screen edges for a truly satisfying feel. There are few better options if you want the very best bang for your buck.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

Samsung's top-of-the-line phones have always promised innovative design, clever features and quality build. The S9 Plus certainly won't disappoint. It's a phone with a huge amount to offer, which means that one of our refurbished options is a stellar choice if you don't want to spend the cash on a brand-new phone.

Screen real estate

The sheer size of the S9 Plus is going to be the first thing that grabs your attention. At 6.2-inches, there aren't many other phones that can compete for screen real estate. Whether you 're showing your mates your favourite video or swiping left and right between apps, you won't miss a thing. There are no sacrifices either - not only is everything supersized, everything is super sharp too. Pixel density of 529 ppi means crystal clear images and video. No more squinting to read an eBook and no chance of any unclear photo imperfections.

Super slick styling

Samsung's premium smartphones are well known for dynamic design and the S9 Plus is certainly no different. By combining a metal frame with glass front and rear, you get a super stylish phone that looks as good as it feels. A real head-turner.

And if you 're the kind of person that just can't help but drop your phone on a regular basis, you'll be relieved to know that the phone is clad in Gorilla Glass 5, which is one of the toughest on the market. Curved edges can be found on the sides of the display - curves in all the right places, you might say- which make for a unique look.

Meet Bixby

Samsung might have been a little late to the game when it comes to virtual assistants, but Bixby is here, and it's a capable alternative to Apple's well-known Siri. Live translations? No problem. Voice recognition tweeting? A breeze. Managing your social calendar? Done

The clever tech doesn't end there of course. Face recognition technology is a priority for those looking to safeguard their high-end phone, and the S9 Plus features combined facial recognition and iris scanning for rapid, secure unlocking. If that wasn't enough, there's also a fingerprint scanner on the back, which is ideal for fingerprint-enabled apps.

Bring the noise

If you're one of those ever-popular people that insists on playing music directly from the phone's speakers, then the S9 Plus is not going to disappoint. One of the first Samsungs to sport dual stereo speakers, with Dolby Atmos support, this thing is like a miniature boombox.

And if you're not yet up-to-date with the latest wireless headphone technology then fear not - Samsung is committed to the 3.5mm jack, and you'll find one present and correct on the S9 Plus. There's also a microSD card slot - perfect for those that need major storage space, or the ability to swap out lots of files at once.

Get snap happy

Revolutionary camera tech means that the S9 Plus is perhaps the ultimate selfie taker. While high-quality cameras can be found on pretty much every flagship phone, the S9 Plus boasts Dual Aperture technology. This smart technology means the camera can behave almost like a human eye; changing the amount of light it lets in with ease.

And finally - the battery is specced to ensure that you can use your S9 Plus all day without worrying about running out of juice, no matter how many times you need to retake a photo. It's also compatible with fast charging so that you can rapidly get it going again if you're going out for the night, and it can also be charged wirelessly.

With so much tech as standard, and that giant screen, the Samsung S9 Plus is all the phone you'll ever need. It takes great photos, has a mesmerising screen, top-end hardware, and includes clever features like Bixby and iris scanning. If you love to get a lot for your money, then one of our S9 Plus refurbs must be at the top of your wish list. Check out our brilliant deals now.

5 real-life highlights of the Samsung Galaxy 9+:

  1. Use that giant screen to watch - and enjoy - videos and movies while on the move
  2. Play any mobile game smoothly and with crisp 3D graphics thanks to high performance hardware
  3. Take stunning selfies - even in low light - with the Dual-Aperture camera
  4. Feel like a spy with clever iris-scanning security technology
  5. Crank up the volume with the powerful dual stereo speakers
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